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Any use of the website by an Advertiser is full acceptance of the current Terms.

Sellbuy.pk Classifieds Pakistan give a collection of online resources which incorporate ordered notices and gatherings (by and large, the "Administration")on the site Sellbuy.pk

The Website and the Service are given to you subject to these Sellbuy.pk Terms of use (these "Terms"). With the end goal of the Terms and any place the unique situation 
so requires, the terms 'you' and "your" will mean any individual who utilizes the Website or the Service in any way at all including people scrutinizing the Website and its substance, posting remarks or any substance, or reacting to any promotions or stuff on the Website. By getting to, perusing, or utilizing the Website or Service, you consent to follow to these Terms. Moreover, when utilizing a part of the Service, you consent to adjust to any material posted rules for such Service, which may change or be refreshed occasionally at Sellbuy.pk individual attentiveness. You know and agree that you are exclusively answerable for exploring these Terms now and again. You should know about any condition, state of these terms any rule, or their any subsequent changes or get dissatisfaction with Sellbuy.pk or the Service in any capacity, your only decision is to promptly cease utilization of Sellbuy.pk.These Terms might be refreshed by Sellbuy.pk whenever at its single notification. Sellbuy.pk may send you notification of changes to the Website or the Terms. Sellbuy.pk may give an understanding of the English edition of theTerms into different languages. You know and agree that any interpretation of theTerms into different languages is for your benefit just and that the English edition manages the requirements of your relationship with Sellbuy.pk.Moreover, if there are any irregularities between the English edition of theTerms and any interpretation, the English form of the Terms will manage.

Features Ads

Sellbuy.pk may offer assistance known as "Featured Ads" where clients may pay a non-refundable expense to have their advertisements posted in chosen areas on the Website, along these lines possibly expanding promotions' visibility. So as to buy a Featured Ad, you might be required to transmit certain data through an outsider specialist co-op, which might be administered by its own terms of utilization and different approaches. Sellbuy.pk makes no portrayal or assurance with respect to the wellbeing or security of the data transmitted to any Third Party specialist organization, and you’re connecting to any ThirdParty administration is totally at your own risk, and Sellbuy.pk will reject all risk related to them.

FeaturedAds are dependent upon the Terms recorded in this, just as extra terms of administration.

Description of Services and Content Policy

Sellbuy.pk is the up and coming age of free online classifieds. We go about as an online commercial center stage to permit our clients who follow these Terms to offer, sell, and purchase items and administrations recorded on the Website. In spite of the fact that you might have the option to lead installment and different exchanges through the Website, utilizing outsider merchants, for example, PayPal, Sellbuy.pk isn't in any capacity associated with such exchanges. Thus, and as talked about in more detail in these Terms, you therefore recognize and concur that Sellbuy.pk isn't involved with such exchanges, has no power over any component of such exchanges, and will have no risk to any gathering regarding such exchanges. You utilize the Service and theWebsite at your own risk


You make a deal to avoid posting, email, have, show, transfer, change, distribute, transmit, update, or offer any data on the Site, or in any case make accessible content:

1.     That abuses any law or guideline;

2.     That is copyrighted or protected, secured by profession secrecy or trademark, or in any case subject to outsider other protected innovation or exclusive rights, including security and exposure rights, except if you are the proprietor of such rights or have consent or a permit from their legitimate proprietor to present the material and on award Sellbuy.pk the entirety of the permit rights conceded in this;

3.     That violates any of the previously licensed innovation privileges of any gathering, or is Content that you did reserve an option to make accessible under any law, guideline, legally binding or trustee relationship(s);

4.     That is unsafe, harsh, unlawful, undermining, bothering, wicked, abusive, irreligious, indecent, unfriendly, upsetting of another's a security or different rights, disapproving, or racially, genealogically frightful, criticizing, relating or empowering tax evasion or illicit betting or hurts or could hurt minors in any capacity or in any case unlawful in any way at all;

5.     That harasses, corrupts, threatens or mocking towards any individual or gathering of people based on religion, sex, sexual direction, race, background, age, or disability;

6.     That abuses any (nearby) equivalent business laws, including yet not constrained to those disallowing the expressing, in any commercial for work, a preference or prerequisite dependent on race, shading, religion, sex, national birthplace, age, or inability of the candidate;

7.     That incorporates individual or recognizing data about someone else without that individual's express approval;

8.     That imitates any individual or element, including, yet not constrained to, a Sellbuy.pk worker, or dishonestly states or in any case twists an association with an individual or substance;

9.     Deceives or misdirects the recipient about the source of such messages or conveys any data which is horribly aggressive or threatening in nature;

10.  That is bogus, fascinating, misdirecting, misleading, un-informative, or establishes "sleight of hand" offer;

11.  That establishes or contains "network marketing ", "multi-level promoting", "Ponzi and fraudulent business models," "member advertising," "link referral code," garbage mail," "spam," "junk letters," or spontaneous ads of a business nature;

12.  That comprises or contains any type of publicizing or sales if (1) posted in territories or classes of the Website which are not assigned for such purposes; or (2) messaged to Sellbuy.pk clients who have mentioned not to be reached about different administrations, items or business interests;

13.  That incorporates connections to business administrations or Third Party Websites, aside from as explicitly permitted by Sellbuy.pk;

14.  That publicizes any illicit administrations or the offer of any things the offer of which is disallowed or confined by quantifiable law, including without restriction things they offer of which is denied or managed by applicable law of nearby ward;

15.  That contains programming bugs or some other PC code, records or projects intended to interrupt on, ruin or breaking point the use of any program or equipment or media communications hardware or some other PC resource;

16.  that upsets the typical progression of exchange with an extreme number of messages (flooding attack) to the Service, or that in any case contrarily influences other clients' capacity to utilize the Service; or

17.  That utilizes misdirecting email addresses or manufactured headers or in any case, controlled identifiers so as to mask the cause of Content transmitted through the Service.

Paid Postings

Sellbuy.pk may charge an expense to post Content in certain territories of the Service. The expense allows certain Content to be posted in an assigned area of the website. Each gathering presenting Content on the Service is liable for said content and consistence with the Terms. Any such charges paid hereunder are not-refundable in the case any Content is disqualified from the Service for damaging these Terms.

User Submissions

You know that when utilizing the Website, you will be presented to Content from a range of sources and that Sellbuy.pk isn't accountable for the accuracy, value, security, or protected origination privileges of or identifying with such Content, and you correspond and accept all risk for your utilization. You further know and recognize that you might be presented to Content that is wrong, adverse, disgusting, or questionable, abusive or slanderous and you consent to forgo, and thus postpone, any valid or impartial rights or remedies you have or may have against Sellbuy.pk with respect to them.

No Spam Policy

You know and accept that sending spontaneous email ads or other spontaneous correspondences to Sellbuy.pk email addresses or through Sellbuy.pk PC frameworks are explicitly prohibited by these Terms. You recognize and agree that now and again Sellbuy.pk may screen email use utilizing human screens or mechanized programming to flood certain words related to spam or artifices in messages that are sent between one client to another in the Sellbuy.pk email framework. Any correspondence among yourself and some other client using the correspondence highlights accessible on the Service and the Website might be utilized uniquely as per the Terms. Any unapproved utilization of Sellbuy.pk PC frameworks are a violation of these Terms and certain relevant laws. Such violation may subject the sender and their operators to common and criminal liabilities and punishments.

Limitation and Termination of Services

You recognize and agree that Sellbuy.pk may build up limits every once in a while concerning the utilization of the Service, including among others, the most extreme number of days that Content will be kept up or held by the Service, the greatest number and size of postings, email messages, or other Content that might be transmitted or put away by the Service, and the recurrence with which you may get to the Service or the Website. You recognize and agree that Sellbuy.pk has no obligation or risk for the cancellation or inability to store any content kept up or transmitted by the Website or the Service. You recognize and agree that Sellbuy.pk holds the privilege whenever to change or suspend the Service with or without notice, and that Sellbuy.pk will not be at risk to you or to any outsider for any such adjustment, suspension, or discontinuance of the service. You recognize and agree that Sellbuy.pk, in its single and total caution, has the right (however not the commitment) to erase or deactivate your record, block your email or IP address, or in any case end your entrance to or utilization of the Service quickly and without notice, and expel and dispose of any Content inside the Service, under any circumstances or no explanation by any section of the imagination, including, without hindrance, ifSellbuy.pk accepts that you have damaged these Terms. Further, you agree that Sellbuy.pk will not be at risk to you or any outsider for any end of your entrance to the website or the Service. Further, you make a deal to avoid trying to utilize the service after any such end.

Ability to Accept Terms of Services

this website is proposed uniquely for grown-ups and that you are qualified to contract according to applicable laws. In the event that you are utilizing/getting to this Website as a representative of any individual/element, you recognize that you are rightfully approved to speak to that individual/substance. Minors, for example, clients of under 18 years old, are just permitted to get to the Website and utilize the Service, in case of certification of their legal delegates, or if it concerns a demonstration or an exchange that is normal and satisfactory standard in common life and practice. You assert that you are either at any rate 18 years old, or an activist minor, or have legal parental or caretaker approval, and are completely capable and skillful to go into the terms, conditions, commitments, certifications, understandings, exposes, and guarantees set out in these Terms, and to keep and agree to these Terms. Regardless, you declare that you are beyond 13 years old, as the Website isn't proposed for youngsters under 13.


Notice to Children under the age of 13 and their parents or Guardians

If you are younger than 13, YOU MUST NOT USE THIS WEBSITE. Kindly don't send us your own data, including your email locations, name, and additional contact data. In the event that you need to get in touch with us, you may just do as such through your parent or legal custodian.

Violation of Terms and Liquidated Damages

It would be ideal if you report any violation of the Terms that you become aware of by reaching us utilizing the link at the bottom of the Sellbuy.pk homepage at Sellbuy.pk. Any failure to act by Sellbuy.pk as for access by you or others doesn't decline our right to act concerning consequent or comparative breaks by you or others. Despite the previously mentioned statements in regards to some other arrangement of these Terms, Sellbuy.pk holds the option to look for legitimate and impartial cures, including without impediment, explicit execution of any term contained in these Terms, or a fundamental or lasting directive against the access or destabilized break of any such term or in help of the activity of any force accepted in these Terms, without the need of posting security.


Responsibility for SellBuy.pk can not be held liable for non-performance or improper performance of due control, either because of the Advertiser, or a case of major force.

Modification of these terms

SellBuy.pk reserves the right, at any time, to modify all or part of the Terms and Conditions.

Advertisers are advised to consult the Terms to be aware of the changes.


If part of the Terms should be illegal, invalid or unenforceable for any reason whatsoever, the provisions in question would be deemed unwritten, without questioning the validity of the remaining provisions will continue to apply between Advertisers and SellBuy.pk

Any complaints should be addressed to Customer Service SellBuy.pk